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AI in Retail

With a track record of helping the largest and most complex retailers decrease expenses, expand revenue, and run more efficiently, the DataRobot AI Platform will help you understand each and every customer, bring elasticity to your supply chain, and help your organization stay nimble.

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Challenges Retailers Face with ML

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Rapidly Shifting Customer Behavior

As consumer tastes, income, and priorities constantly evolve it is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers to keep pace and understand changing customer behaviors.

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Pricing Optimization

Cost of materials, economic and political socks, coupled with changing buying patterns are making price optimization challenging for retailers.

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Fickle Customer Loyalty

With the rise of e-commerce paired with in-store delivery, retailers are continually under pricing pressure, maintaining customer loyalty has never been harder.

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Fragile Operational Issues

Retailers face challenges across their entire operation, from fulfillment and merchandising to staffing and finance which leads to missed revenue, stock-outs, and poor customer experience.

Why DataRobot for Retailers?

Exceptional Customer Experiences with Hyper-Personalization

DataRobot gives retailers a scalable way to hyper-personalize every touch. Build hyper-accurate and actively monitored customer propensity models that allows you better understand CLTV, cross-sell, upsell, and churn for each of your customers. With prediction explanations, retailers can get individual customer insights and proactively adjust touch points or advertisements to influence their behavior.

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Improve Operations Across Every Point Of Your Value Chain

Optimize efficiency across your entire operations. With DataRobot you can break down prediction silos and ensure everyone is using the same forecasts and predictions from logistics and supply chain, to merchandising, marketing, financial planning, and elsewhere. DataRobot gives you the flexibility to easily deploy any model – even those built outside of DataRobot to the business applications your business stakeholders use everyday.

Sense Changing Market and Customer Dynamics

In today’s environment it’s no longer effective to put a model into production and ignore the changing retail landscape. Now, retailers can get real-time insights into changing customer behaviors and supply chain risks through active model monitoring. This allows for fast changes to product and inventory mix, pricing, and promotions across channels. Now you can easily stay ahead of changing consumer buying behaviors and optimize pricing based on current conditions.

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Precise and Fine-Grained Forecasts

Building forecasts at the individual item-store level has never been easier nor more precise. DataRobot makes it easy to not just build hyper-granular forecasts, but maintain them in production. With DataRobot’s time series, dynamic time warping helps you handle irregular series or seasonal forecasts with ease, while dynamic time warping helps you discover patterns you wouldn’t intuitively predict. Effortlessly handle all types of SKU-level demand patterns from seasonal, intermittent and irregular series to cold start/net new SKU forecasting. Point solutions can’t do this, and reality is neither can many data science teams.

Strategic Integrations and Partners

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