DataRobot for Financial Services

Accelerate and de-risk becoming an AI-first financial institution.

AI in Financial Services

DataRobot enables Financial Services companies to automate the painful pieces of the ML lifecycle, giving your data science team the time and tools to focus on business impact. Our clients are able to better understand, govern, and evaluate their models, find investment opportunities quickly, expand their portfolios, and nimbly respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

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Challenges Financial Services Face with ML

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Market Dynamics Constantly Changing

The average model takes 11 months from ideation to deployment, making it difficult to quickly iterate or experiment, and leaving customer and investment opportunities to languish.

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Model Risk Management Hurdles

“Black box” ML makes it challenging to understand and act on model results, and makes it difficult for Model Risk Management teams to approve deployment.

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Management and Governance Complexities

Multiple legacy models in many languages and mostly deployed on-premise increases the risk profile and creates potential portfolio risk with outdated models.

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Bespoke Financial Platforms

Financial platforms are diverse, complex, and often bespoke, making it difficult to embed ML into existing and custom business processes and applications used for decisioning.

Why DataRobot for Financial Services?

Find New Customers or Investment Opportunities Quickly

Standardize and parallelize the model development process to engineer thousands of features, test hundreds of modeling strategies, and experiment with multimodal modeling to uncover new opportunities in your portfolios. Then quickly identify abnormal activity to reduce risk.

Find New Customers or Investment Opportunities Quickly
Identify Key Business Drivers in a Fast Paced Market

Identify Key Business Drivers in a Fast-Paced Market

Quickly identify important portfolio and customer features with hyper-granular signals that provide financial leaders with meaningful drivers of change. Access clear visual explanations across data types that front-line decision makers can understand and action.

Get Models Into Production and Ensure Their Accuracy

Produce and deploy customized models fast in bespoke systems with API calls, code-export, and more. Track all models – including legacy and custom models developed outside of DataRobot – maintain their performance, and reduce risk on credit and trading decisions all in one platform. Maintain performance of models in production and reduce risk on credit and trading decisions with a robust suite of drift monitoring and alerts. As customer and market data changes over time, “Hotswap” in challenger/champion models without disrupting your operations.

Get Models Into Production and Ensure Their Accuracy
Comply with Financial Regulations and Reduce Your Risk Profile

Comply with Financial Regulations and Reduce Your Risk Profile

Maintain visibility, control, and governance across all your AI projects, no matter who built them, how, or where they’re deployed. With DataRobot you can streamline and augment your MRM process with auditability, automated model documentation for all models including custom ones, and ensure ML governance at scale throughout the entire model lifecycle.

Strategic Integrations and Partners

See how our Financial Services partners utilize DataRobot AI Platform to activate the full potential of financial solutions.

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