SAP + DataRobot

Build, deploy, and monitor custom machine learning models, leveraging the SAP technology stack with DataRobot.

This joint solution helps enterprises harness value from their SAP business data by applying custom machine learning with broad interoperability and end-to-end capabilities for ML experimentation and ML production. Enterprises can now conveniently combine both SAP and third party data sources to build state-of-the-art machine learning models using a code-first or no-code approach and proactively monitor or retrain them using DataRobot MLOps.

This partnership between the two brings together DataRobot’s multimodal machine learning capabilities with SAP’s extensive business data and processes to create business-centric ML solutions.
Nishant Thacker

VP, Solution Management, SAP

With years of experience working in the world’s top industries, DataRobot data scientists influence critical business decisions, using DataRobot’s cutting edge technology. 


Address manufacturing challenges like supply chain visibility, demand forecasting granularity, price optimization, and timely predictive maintenance. DataRobot on SAP helps manufacturers predict disruptions, identify late shipments, implement sustainable solutions, and drive innovation.

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Financial Services

Financial services organizations can use DataRobot on SAP to improve credit risk predictions, drive better fraud detection, streamline regulatory compliance , and risk mitigation to help customers operate profitably in a volatile market. 

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DataRobot on SAP enables healthcare organizations to deliver trusted and actionable AI systems to enable a wide range of applications, including but not limited to accurate readmission predictions, timely medical trial churn forecasting, or granular bed occupancy and patient flow projections for staffing.

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Predict Loan Default


Forecast Daily Demand by Store

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Accelerate Time-to-Value for custom ML Models

Benefit from DataRobot rapid collaborative experimentation to build, test, and deploy state-of-the-art AI models. Consume ML predictions through SAP AI Core or create apps on top of the models using SAP Build Apps to make your business processes more predictable.

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Seamless SAP Technology Stack Connections
Connect to your existing SAP HANA database and other third party data sources in a few clicks. Create ML models without moving data into different systems.
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Deploy, Monitor and Retrain AI Models in DataRobot MLOps
Proactively manage and govern all your AI models within the SAP ecosystem to ensure they are up to date regardless of the model’s origin or location. Track and monitor models both inside and outside your SAP environment.