Microsoft Azure and DataRobot

Accelerate AI-Driven Business Decisions on Azure

AI at Scale: Get fast, accurate business decisions with DataRobot on Microsoft Azure

Using the DataRobot AI Platform on Microsoft Azure, enterprises can quickly prove the value of AI and realize value at scale by deploying and managing AI models across environments. Generate faster, more accurate business decisions by integrating DataRobot in your Microsoft Azure ecosystem, including Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (ADLS), Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure SQL database.

Deliver reliable AI-driven insights with continuous model monitoring and governance. Guardrails and best practices are embedded throughout the AI lifecycle—from development to deployment—enabling data science and business teams to scale together. The DataRobot AI Platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure cloud services, incorporating the knowledge, experience, and best practices of world’s leading data scientists.

AI Trusted By Industry Leaders Around the World

Competitive, successful organizations are using artificial intelligence to find new revenue streams, reduce customer churn, and drive innovation. With a comprehensive, flexible AI platform you can also help drive success in your organization. 


The world’s fifth largest retailer uses DataRobot to enable the better production, deployment, and interpretation of data science models.


The largest U.S. for-profit private hospital operator uses machine learning to improve patient outcomes, manage staffing, and cost reductions.

With years of experience working in the world’s top industries, DataRobot technology and data scientists help influence critical business decisions.

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Financial Services

Financial services organizations can use DataRobot on Azure to solve credit risk management challenges, such as predicting if a customer is going to default, or detecting and mitigating fraud.


Solve manufacturing challenges like global supply chain issues, shipping backlogs and maintenance predictions. DataRobot on Azure helps manufacturers predict disruptions, implement sustainable solutions, and drive innovation.

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DataRobot on Azure empowers healthcare organizations to deliver trusted, explainable, and actionable AI across hundreds of scenarios, such as optimizing patient care, accelerating research outcomes, or accurately forecasting staffing and operational needs.

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.


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Streamlined Integration
Built-in connectors for ADLS, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure SQL database let AI builders enrich datasets to build more powerful models and deploy within Azure to deliver AI driven insights faster.
Continuously Learning
Manage All Models
A standardized monitoring framework for native and Azure-based models makes model inference more robust and transparent. Build models in DataRobot, AzureML, or Databricks, then manage and track those models from the DataRobot platform.
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Model Risk Management
Model drift monitoring, bias mitigation, and automated compliance documentation enables practitioners to apply AI/ML while also complying to the governance requirements.
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Azure Marketplace Availability
Simplify procurement by purchasing DataRobot directly from the Azure Marketplace. Integrated billing helps your team align AI and cloud spend.