DataRobot AI Platform

A full AI lifecycle platform with broad ecosystem interoperability and a world-class team of AI experts to ensure the success of your initiatives every step of the way.

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ML Experimentation

Quickly experiment with multiple ML problem framings, identify key drivers, and build precise models that drive impact.

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Prep Modeling Data

Iterate fast with a tight feedback loop between data prep and modeling. With DataRobot, you can rapidly prepare machine learning-specific data that is target and partition aware. Engineer thousands of features, generate and explore multiple datasets, optimize for the  best variables, and automate the laborious tasks of data clean-up with minimal data movement.

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prep modeling data

Build Models

DataRobot lets you train and evaluate hundreds of models in parallel, automatically recommending the best models based on your business needs that are fully customizable, or you can build your own custom models.

We help you automatically test thousands of possible combinations or preprocessing and parameter settings, model testing and cross-validation with structured and unstructured data.

Get clear insights during the modeling phase – such as lift charts, profit matrix, and ROC curves – that help you evaluate models and tailor them to your business needs.

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build models

Make Business Decisions

Translate complex ML models into a business dialect your business stakeholders will understand. Quickly create meeting-ready presentations charts, and business scenario applications such as what-if, or price elasticity apps.

DataRobot makes it easy for you to discover and present predictive root causes and driver analysis by providing you with the tools you need to share clear explanations with business stakeholders. These explanations can range from high level insights, like identifying the most influential feature for a model, to more granular outlooks, as well as business simulation apps without writing code.

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make business decisions

ML Production

Everything you need to manage and scale your AI models, in one place. A centralized control and command center gives you the seamless ability to test, document, deploy, monitor, and govern a diverse portfolio of models in production no matter where they’re built or deployed.

Validate and Govern Models

Automate performance tests and document behavior to ensure models are managed to your standard and meet government regulations.

With the DataRobot AI Platform, you can seamlessly ensure model accuracy, guaranteeing that those used in business critical workflows or apps meet regulation and compliance requirements. Now you can control all of your AI artifacts in one place to reduce unnecessary risk so you can effectively scale AI.

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validate and govern

Integrate Models

The DataRobot AI Platform allows you to easily put any models into production that are inline with your modernization of data and application strategy.

Seamlessly integrate ML models into your business applications and processes and derive maximum value without the need to recode, repackage, or recombine your ML and AI toolsets, flows, or models.

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integrate models

Monitor and Measure ROI

Live alerts and deep production diagnostics will show you exactly which of your models are having issues. DataRobot will proactively suggest challenger models that reflect new changes in your data. You can then quickly update, and hot-swap fresh models into production to mitigate business impact without interrupting existing business processes.

Centrally manage, monitor, and track the ROI of all of your models. Predefined and custom metrics and KPIs make it easy for you to maintain the ROI performance of all your models at scale.

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Monitor and measure roi

Open and Interoperable Ecosystem

Data Platforms

From connecting to data warehouses and data lakes, to integrating with feature stores, and deploying models across your cloud data warehouses, DataRobot gives you the ability to maximize your existing investments and unlock their potential for ML.

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APIs & Services

With integrations across a broad ecosystem of APIs and services – from data labeling, to orchestration systems to LLMs – you can now seamlessly integrate existing investments and create innovative business solutions using ML.

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Business Apps and Intelligence

Integrate model predictions into the applications your business users rely on every day – from business applications like Salesforce to business intelligence or visualization tools like PowerBI and Tableau.

As your AI backbone, the DataRobot AI Platform ensures that every business user is using the same predictions and forecasts, eliminating silos and inconsistent predictions.

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Deployment Infrastructure

Deploy DataRobot your way – on a dedicated managed cloud, private cloud, on-prem or Saas. Instead of focusing on the infrastructure, you can get to driving outcomes with AI faster.

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